the dreamers e.p

Young Heretics is the brainchild of Melbourne based duo, Matthew Wright and Kitty Hart - eccentric twins, both with a love of warped pop music and sonic invention. The dual vocal attack incorporates theatrical soundscapes, driving beats and a massive selection of other instruments to create a dynamic and inventive sound that is sure to send shivers down your spine.

Having written together for over 15 years, the musical chemistry between the two is evident throughout every aspect of their sound. Creatively and professionally beyond their years, the few shows they have performed have caused a huge stir amongst punters and industry alike.

“The Dreamers E.P” is the band’s debut release, and will be released digitally via iTunes on August 31st. A limited run of CDs will be sold at live shows in the coming months.

To download an mp3 of “The Lost Loves” from “The Dreamers E.P” head to OR Click HERE.


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